UR-in-Luck Toilets

UR-IN-LUCK Standard Porta Potty Unit

Dimensions: L 43” x W 47” x H 85”

  • Odor controls using vent stack
  • One of the largest door openings in this type of unit
  • Heavy duty double rolled toilet paper cover and hand sanitizer
  • Includes toilet paper, antibacterial gel, and heat (winter season only).

UR-IN-LUCK Fresh Flush Porta Potty Unit

Dimensions: L 43″ x W 47″ x H 85″

  • Heavy duty double rolled toilet paper,hand sanitizer, sink, air freshener.
  • Serviced Regularly

UR-IN-LUCK Wheelchair Porta Potty Unit

Dimensions: L 85″ x W 92″ x H 92″
This unit is great to have at events, not only because it has ground clearance but the design permits for greater interior movement.

UR-IN-LUCK Portable Sinks

Our primary sink is the SuperTwin Ultra which doubles the hand washing capacity of a standard unit. It is equipped with two spigots, two soap dispensers and four paper towel holders which makes this unit appealing and the choice for high traffic use.

Dimensions: 30”W x 35 L x 47” H with the counter area 12.5” x 29” per side.

UR-IN-LUCK Portable Toilet Service Trucks

Our Portable Toilet Service Trucks are fully equipped to handle any job. It pumps sewage, refills tanks, pressure washes, delivers and removes toilets from sites, stores toilet accessories like toilet paper and soap. The trucks, however, does not take all the credit.

Our professional service personnel are well trained in hygiene and courteous, diligent, and always ready for emergencies.

Ur In Luck portable toilets are always cleaned before and after leaving a job-site. Cleanliness is our utmost priority. We keep that promise whenever you see our trucks on the road.