Our Company

WCS is a customer oriented waste collection company, providing tailored solutions for commercial, industrial and residential customers. Family owned and operated in the waste management industry since 1959, we have over 40+ years experience to service various niche opportunities in the waste collection business. Since that time the company has expanded its services and is now one of the leading haulers in the GTA. We understand that honesty, commitment to our customers and community, and the endless search for improvement are the reasons for our past success and the foundation for our future growth.

Our Philosophy

WCS prides itself on providing the highest level of customer service, living up to the commitments and getting the jobs completed on-time and professionally. By maintaining a local focus we are able to develop strong relationships and provide our customer with the best possible service. By living up to these ideals we believe we will continue to find more customers to serve and to continue the successful story that grew from humble beginnings nearly four decades ago. We offer a full range of services from traditional Roll-Off boxes and Front-End Containers, to Garbage Compactors and Portable Toilets.

Our Commitment to Equal Access for all Ontarians

WCS has provided training to our staff regarding Accessibility Compliance as mandated by the Ministry of Economic Development Trade and Employment.  If you would like to read a copy of our company’s policy regarding compliance, please Click here .

Here are some ways that we stand out from the competition…

    1. Our entire office is ready to answer your calls between 8 am to 6 pm. There are no answering machines. You will never be asked to press any number. You can start speaking when we say “Hello”.
    2. Our long service day – Our drivers are on the road from 6am to 6pm each day from Monday to Saturday. We work to your construction schedule. Not the other way around.
    3. If given AT LEAST a half-day’s notice, within the GTA, we can carry out most same day services and emergencies. We have one SERVICE motto: “We do not turn work away”.
    4. We are equipped to provide LEED reporting requirements for large construction projects.
    5. Our wide service area – We service not only the GTA, but the Durham region, Barrie and outlying areas. Our long history means we will always be able to place a bin anywhere you can find a project in Ontario.
    6. Our flexibility and our experience – We will say No sometimes, but it will never be before we have made several recommendations to assist you in your disposal and recycling requirements.